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About Willow Wise Therapies:

Willow Wise Therapies was established in 1998 by Sue Johnson.  Her goal was to provide an integrative clinic that offered a range of services that was as flexible as an individual needed, firmly grounded in the natural medicine tradition and balanced with evidence-based developments.  The clinic began with a focus on human complementary health, but is now specialising in assisting animals to achieve and maintain their optimum wellness.

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Our Philosophy

Our clinic incorporates the latest scientific knowledge with a traditional, holistic approach to achieving and maintaining wellbeing.  Fundamental to this approach is to make sure that the treatment fits the animal.  For a treatment to be genuinely effective and appropriate, it is essential that the particular animal’s physiology be considered.  Our team has specific training and qualifications in applying traditional and evidence-based medicines for both humans and animals.

We are passionate and committed to providing education as to the differences in the appropriateness of treatment options between each animal species.  For example, there are a limited number of human trials that support the use of garlic in treating the common cold.  Using this herb in animals for a similar purpose may be detrimental, for example, there is evidence that this herb may be extremely toxic to dogs.

Networked Professionals

Vets, Equine Bodyworkers, Equine Chiropractors, Equine Acupuncturists, Trainers and Farriers.

We work collaboratively with a carefully selected network of equine professionals to provide a seamless service to you and your animals.  Talk to us about your requirements.

About The Owner

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Year 12 choices for me were a mix of fine art, chemistry and wistful thinking about being a veterinarian. I have come full circle after a long career in the logistics industry to an education environment tha...

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