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Our Services

Our Services

The services offered at our clinic include:

  • Herbal Medicine: the use of all parts of plants in a tailored manner for the individual to provide prevention, treatment, and relief from many medical conditions and illnesses.  The pivotal concept in Western Herbal Medicine is the understanding that a herb is the synergistic combination of all the chemical (and energetic) constituents of the whole plant which gives the plant its vital force and an identified medical action(s).  Some plants may have more than one active constituent depending on the particular extraction process and / or different actions on the body systems.   Herbs are prescribed as whole plant formulations complete with a multitude of chemical constituents, minerals and life force, either as a ‘simple’ or in a polypharmacy preparation containing a number of whole plant formulations. 

  • Nutrition: combines the concept of food as medicine and the importance of nutritional balance for wellbeing and the prevention of disease.  Food is important not only to nourish but to heal the body. Hippocrates is recorded to have said ‘Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food’.  Food as medicine utilises an evidence based approach to prescribe phytonutrients and functional foods in a balanced diet tailored to an individual’s needs to assist with health condition management and stage of life requirements.

  • Vibrational Medicine: includes Bach and Australian Bush flowers and Homoeopathy, working on a vibrational level to assist the body to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.  Vibrational medicine has a long history of working directly with the body’s subtle energy to manifest healing change. Imbalances in the body are addressed by potentised medicines prepared in a traditional manner from a variety of sources, including flowers, leaves and minerals.   Their medicinal effect is not reliant on a single chemical constituent or a metabolic pathway, being able to work on a number of energetic layers concurrently.

  • Bodywork: utilises a number of tactile disciplines in conjunction with biomechanics and training to facilitate improvements in use of self and sense of wellbeing.  Working with the body in a holistic, respectful manner to affect the physical, emotion and spiritual layers is an important foundation of wellness throughout the life of an individual.  Our practitioners have accredited training and experience in a range of disciplines including sports massage, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy, in addition to biomechanic and locomotion appraisal and training.

Specialist Services

  • All aspects of assisting an individual to find and maintain their optimum wellbeing.
  • Equine and canine learning and behaviour theory as applied to training.
  • Equine and canine musculoskeletal injury management.
  • Enhancing the community's knowledge of the medicinal action of specific herbs for particular animals and how these herbs interact with other herbs, foods and other pharmaceuticals.

Please note: The services offered are not designed or intended in any way, in whole or in part, to be a substitute for orthodox allopathic human medical or veterinary practice. However, these services, as assessed and applied by a qualified and experienced practitioner, offer a safe, compatible system to work in complementary and harmonious synergy.

Evidenced-Based Practice

What evidence must be considered in making decisions in prescribing for individual clients? 

Collections of original research with bibliographical data and abstracts utilised by practitioners of Willow Wise Therapies include Medline, Science Direct and ProQuest and the Cochrane Collaboration Library.  In addition, traditional evidence confirmed from many published sources will be utilised.  The Australian Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recommend levels of evidence that include clinical trials (see TGA Scientific Evidence, 2014) and published traditional use (TGA Traditional Evidence, 2014). 

Of note, published traditional and scientific evidence regarding the use of animal-specific western herbal medicine, including nutrition, homoeopathy and /or bodywork is limited.  Therefore, most evidence is an extrapolation from opinions of respected animal authorities based on clinical experience and non-animal data, such as in vitro and in vivo studies, and human studies, with emphasis on studies using oral administration.

Current best practice is the integration of individual clinical expertise with systematic research of all available evidence.  There are many dimensions to consider when choosing to prescribe a certain herbal medicine treatment.  General medical and herbal information can be easily accessed on the internet.  However, the available evidence must be competently assessed as to its quality and actual validity of the information, its efficacy, effectiveness, safety and cost in a particular application.

Australian Complementary Medicine Product Regulation

Regulation of therapeutic products and product information for human use in Australia and New Zealand have an internationally best-practice, risk-based regulatory system that identifies herbs as medicine.  All human herbal medicine products are subject to the TGA’s  Good Manufacturing Principles and are subject to post marketing audits.  This is different to the United States of America, in which herbs for human use are regulated as a dietary supplement (FDA, 2006).  A qualified, full member of an Australian professional association of complementary therapists is trained in compounding herbal medicines for dispensing and is issued an annual TGA Advertising Exemption Certificate.

Animal herbal products in Australia are managed very differently.  The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority define complementary animal health products, including herbal remedies, on the basis of containing only natural ingredients as their active constituents, make only general health claims and are administered only orally or topically on the skin. These products do not usually require registration, nor are they subject to post market auditing.  (APVMA, 2014

This classification unfortunately does not address the fact that herbs are chemically complex and significant variation can occur in their production, right from the quality of the original plant material, including mis-identification, adulteration (inclusion of foreign substances) or contamination (inclusion of toxic substances such as pesticide residues).  The safe use of herbs may be compromised by inappropriate selection and usage of those plants that have not been subject to the Good Manufacturing Principles guidelines articulated for human use of herbs as medicine.  In addition, lack of appropriate labelling may not alert the buyer to potential adverse interactions with other veterinary medications.

Willow Wise Therapies only makes and uses medications that fully comply with the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice.

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